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tabby I was told that if I didn’t complete this page, than I wouldn’t get anyone to read my stories…

My name is my Tabitha, (I hate it) so I go by Tabby. I am an inspiring writer that has an edge for writing freak ass stories that I KNOW people will love.

If I had to say I was great at ANYTHING, writing would definitely be it!!! I love getting responses like “You wrote that?” — or “Damnnnnn, you made my d*ck hard” (yea it gets like that)…

The fact that GUYS actually read my thoughts and enjoy it actually gives me an all time high!!! Besides, I thought reading was for girls??? (lol) …. But anyway, I can guarantee that if you like to read && like to read GOOD SHIT, you will love reading my blog!

Best of all — ITS FREE!!!!! && will always be FREE.. I’m not looking to raise money for anything. I just want to gain a fan base!!!!

Comment what you like — or tweet me from the side bar! (My actual Twitter)  I always like to know what’s on your mind… Also, if you have a story that you would like posted, send them to ms.tabby12@gmail.com


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